Seeking relief from the cold winter afternoon, I snuggled into a charming gift shop. Ahh, the pleasure of feasting my eyes on glitter-covered ornaments and pretty trinkets. I made a mental note of which three cashmere scarves I was going to get when I won the lottery and wondered what I would write inside one of those expensive leather journals if I ever got one. A list of secrets? 

Then I spotted it — a greeting card.  Two snails looking at each other devotedly. Sparkly night sky above them. ‘Aw how cute’, I may have said out loud. Card and inspiration came back home with me. 

The melody of a boy confessing his feelings to a girl came first. This cautious tune was followed by the brighter melody of the girl who accepts the boy’s feelings. The notes that followed showed the two of them conversing. Still a bit shy, but relieved that they feel the same way about one another and excited to share sweet nothings. 

The first title of this piece was ‘Love confession’. But after the first few performances of the piece, my audience described it as deeply relaxing, reflective, beautiful, like a meditation. It is now known as ‘Meditation’. 

Paced at a calm tempo, this piece sets a mood of contentment. I am told it goes well with wine. To be honest, it feels amazing to play it on the cello.

A recording of this composition is coming soon. Please come back to the site again.