A rapidly emerging artist based in England, Milena's music is a captivating fusion of classical and contemporary sound.  From cinematic and dramatic to blissful and ethereal, audience members describe her music as "The most beautiful music ever heard". 

Milena performs her compositions in concerts locally and internationally. Passionate about bringing a unique musical experience to any place, regardless of size or acoustics, Milena travels with her cello and a music system which plays her own electronically produced orchestral accompaniment.  Wherever her performances are, from libraries and village halls to big churches and theatres, she transforms them into concert halls. During her performances, sonorous live cello and engaging stories of the inspiration behind her compositions intermingle to bring a unique musical experience.  After recent concerts, the experience of her performances was described as "delightful and enchanting", "inspired music which is uplifting and horizon-widening". One audience member wrote, "You are truly amazing, and I could listen to you forever.”

Currently, Milena is recording her debut album in between performances. Individual tracks from the album will be made available for download on this website soon.

Northamptonshire Folk Tune arrangements 1 and 13  as well as The Sweetness of Paris are available to listen to, purchase and download. 

What an enchanting time. Thank you so much. ”

— R.B. from Towcester, Northamptonshire